Stay in Japanese inn with onsen, rumored to have inspired Ghibli

Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture has been described as a hot spring that can cure 40,000 diseases. It is said to be especially effective

in curing gastrointestinal diseases. Shima Onsen’s hot spring water is suitable not only for bathing to heal the body but also for drinking. Many say that the hot spring water increases gastrointestinal activities when it is consumed hot, and treats constipation when consumed cold.

Sekizenkan, founded in 1691 in this hot spring town, is one of the oldest hot spring inns in Japan. This inn is said to have been one of the models for the bathhouse appearing in the Japanese anime film Spirited Away produced by Studio Ghibli. 

To serve guests’ needs, Sekizenkan proposes several stay options in three

different buildings: the Honkan (main building), which offers a simple stay to enjoy the healing properties of the hot springs, as well as the Sansou and Kashoutei buildings, which offer guests luxury stays. 

The facilities are also open to day-use guests. Spend a relaxing time at the inn while enjoying Japanese cuisine made with local ingredients, and

immerse yourself in the universe of the film Spirited Away.

▶︎ Guests should note that tattoos are not be permitted in the

communal hot spring facilities. For these guests, baths available

in the guest rooms at Sekizenkan can be used. 

▶︎No smoking is permitted on the premises.


4236 Shima Ko, Nakanojo-Machi, Agatsuma-Gun, Gunma

TEL 0279-64-2101 (9:00 – 21:00)


To get to Shima Onsen, it is approximately 3 hours by train from

JR UENO to JR NAKANOJO and another 40 minutes by bus (bus

stop: Shima Onsen). Or, it is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from

JR NAKANOJO to Sekizenkan.

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