Azabudai Hills landscape

Azabudai Hills

Azabudai Hills, a “modern urban village” in a new era, makes its debut!

In November 2023, a 35-year urban revitalization endeavor, initiated in 1989, was unveiled. This visionary project, none other than Azabudai Hills, spans 8.1 hectares, signifying a colossal urban redevelopment initiative. What sets it apart is the selection of tenants, featuring an array of establishments you will want to explore. (Top photo : ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. – Azabudai Hills)

A colossal undertaking in the Azabudai district, a project that unfolded over 35 years!

In November 2023, a 35-year urban revitalization endeavor, initiated in 1989, was unveiled. This visionary project, none other than Azabudai Hills, spans 8.1 hectares, signifying a colossal urban redevelopment initiative.

Azabudai Hills exterior landscape
Exterior view of Azabudai Hills

Before the development, the area was densely populated with small wooden houses, and the road network was undeveloped, making it difficult to live there. The concept of Azabudai Hills is “Green & Wellness.” With 2.4 hectares of green space, including orchards and vegetable gardens, Azabudai Hills will be reborn as a modern urban village, a plaza-like town that connects people with each other.

Azabudai Hills Maps
Azabudai Hills Maps

Azabudai Hills will feature facilities for people living and working in the area, including offices, residences, an international school, and a medical center, as well as approximately 150 retail stores, a hotel, a market, a digital art museum, and galleries that will be of interest to non-residents as well.

On November 24, 94 of the approximately 150 stores in the 23,000 ㎡ Garden Plaza and Tower Plaza commercial complexes opened their doors.

Luxury brand boutiques, Azabudai Hills Market, a digital art museum, and Janu Tokyo hotel run by Aman are scheduled to open in 2024.

1   Central Green  Public art, orchard, vegetable garden

2〜4 Garden Plaza A, B, C, housing Luxury brands and restaurants

5   Residence A, B, housing residences, Janu Tokyo hotel (1-13th floor of Residence A)    

6    Tower Plaza, housing about 60 establishments such as dining, shops and gyms   

7   Mori JP Tower, housing offices, Dining33, members lounge, Keiko University Center for Preventive Medicine

Discover the best stores and restaurants in Azabudai Hills!

The Garden Plaza and Tower Plaza are home to a selection of restaurants and stores that are sure to pique your curiosity. Here is a report on some of the best restaurants and stores you should visit.


Furniture, household goods selected by connoisseurs, and a popular restaurant

The Conran Shop’s seventh location in Japan has a spacious 1,300 square meters. The interior is decorated with wood, plaster, tiles, and other materials that evoke the warmth of human hands and nature, creating a cozy atmosphere. The store offers something wonderful to upgrade your everyday life, such as Japanese textiles woven by skilled artisans from threads dyed with plants such as sakaki and kumazasa, mid-century French vintage furniture, original products from the cooking utensil specialty store, and original candies from the candy brand Crafted Treats, created in collaboration with Rika Fukuda, a confectionary expert.

The Azabudai branch is also the first one with a restaurant, attracting people’s attention. The “modern craft dining” restaurant, Orby offers dishes with a British flavor added to modern French cuisine, with an awareness of Conran’s British roots. The original tableware used in the restaurant is also worth noting.

The Conran Shop Tokyo
The Conran Shop Tokyo
The Conran Shop Tokyo
The shop has a wide range of nice furniture and interior goods as well as art books.
Orby's counter
Mashiko ware plates line the shelves above the kitchen.
Beef Wellington
The restaurant’s signature dish “Beef Wellington”


Sophisticated modern Indian cuisine with spices that awaken the palate

This is a modern Indian cuisine restaurant where chefs from India showcase their skills. The restaurant is widely recognized for its healthy yet sophisticated cuisine, which is rich in lentils, chickpeas, and vegetables, and has even served the Indian Embassy parties. While the vegetarian menu is extensive, the restaurant also offers tandoori, a delicious preparation of fish and meat. The menu offers a variety of dishes unique to each region, from the north to the south, allowing diners to experience the depth of Indian cuisine.

Gol Gappa
Gol Gappa ¥1,200 (including tax)
Indian appetizers
Vegetarian appetizers specially prepared for Azabudai Hills ¥3,000 (including tax)

Amazingly delicious plant-based cuisine and chocolates

Alchemy Azabudai is the first overseas branch of Alchemy, a plant-based restaurant established in Ubud, Bali in 2011.

The restaurant uses only plant-based ingredients, with no meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, gluten, white sugar, umami seasonings, or chemical seasonings. However, the food and sweets are so delicious that it is hard to believe that no animal ingredients are used. In particular, you should definitely try the raw chocolate, which is not heated above 43 ℃ to preserve the flavor and ingredients of cacao.

The creative lineup is exciting, from the salad bar with a variety of vegan toppings and customizable original balls to the vegan chocolate and coconut milk-based soft serve ice cream with superfoods.

Alchemy has a bright and natural atmosphere. The terrace seats are popular.
Choose your favorite food
vegan food
Detox sometimes with vegan food
vegan chocolate
Try Alchemy’s delicious raw vegan chocolate

BOOKS OGAKI            Tower Plaza 4F

A pioneering bookstore from Kyoto challenges the further possibilities of books

A unique Kyoto-based bookstore has expanded its presence to Tokyo. It categorizes books into four genres: ‘So,’ featuring arts, manga, and picture books; ‘Gu,’ specializing in architecture and contemporary art; ‘Takumi,’ dedicated to magazines and travel; and ‘Shiori,’ focusing on novels and literature. Within these sections, you can find a range of items, including English editions of popular manga and avant-garde art books. It also hosts small exhibitions. The bookstore stimulates the sensibilities of those who visit.

Books Ogaki's manga selection
The English editions of popular manga are also available here

DINING 33  Tower Plaza 33F-34F

Chef Mikuni’s French cuisine with platters to be shared by all

In the exclusive well-being facility Hills House Azabudai, spanning approximately 3,300 square meters on the 33rd and 34th floors, a new restaurant Dining 33 has emerged, curated by renowned chef Seizo Mikuni. Accessible not only to members but to the general public, this restaurant boasts 170 table seats on the 33rd floor, along with 28 seats in four private rooms. Including a café for members, the total seating capacity reaches an impressive 670.

Chef Mikuni introduces a casual approach to French cuisine with a focus on sharing large plate dishes. He incorporates high-quality Tokyo-sourced ingredients and ethical and health-conscious ingredients to promote local production for local consumption and sustainability. Additionally, the menu features top-notch ingredients from around the world.

In addition, Dining 33 offers a friendly pricing structure, with lunches starting from ¥3,000 and dinners from ¥11,000. From everyday dining to business entertaining, you can use the restaurant for various purposes, while enjoying the nice view. The elegant patisserie is also worth tasting.

Dining33's plate minceur
Minceur menu
Chou farci de caille
Chou farci de caille et foie gras
pâtisseries Dining33
Delicious pâtisseries Dining 33


Long-established store originating from Uji conveys the fascinating tea

Nakamura Tokichi Honten, which originated in Uji, Kyoto, has appeared in Azabudai. They introduce a variety of teas and the various ways to enjoy tea at the store. Tasting is also available. We recommend the signature Nakamura tea, a blend of several types of tea. Its complex flavor will make you realize the deep appeal of tea. The tea parfait is also a must-try.

Nakamura Tokichi Honten
Taste and find your favorite tea

HISAYA KYOTO Garden Plaza B2

Mont Branc cake with the deliciousness of Tamba chestnuts

The signature item is Mont Blanc cake made with Tamba chestnuts at this pâtisserie and salon de thé opened by Hisaya, a store specializing in roasted chestnuts on the road approaching to Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto. First, the base is a kadaif, topped with Uji green tea sauce and ice cream. Then, it is covered with whipped cream, topped with cream of Tamba chestnuts, and shaved frozen roasted chestnuts are placed on top.

The Tamba chestnuts’ soft texture and elegant sweetness make you feel the seasonal taste.

Mont Blanc Hisaya
Lunch with plenty of chestnuts. Chestnut rice served with traditional Japanese side dishes Obanzai, and Tamba chestnut Mont Blanc


Enjoy a spoon of caviar with Champagne

Prunier is a long-established caviar store with a history of over 150 years.It was the first innovative company in France to successfully farm its own caviar. Prunier opened its third store in Japan in Azabudai.

At this caviar bar with 5-seat counter, you can casually enjoy high-quality caviar with champagne. Savor “Caviar Spoon” (1,650 yen), which allows you to taste the taste of caviar from a single spoon, or “Oyster & Caviar Platter” (4,510 yen), which is raw oysters from Japan treated with deep sea water and topped with Prunier caviar. Be entranced by the sensual and rich taste.

Prunier opened its third store in Japan in Azabudai.
Caviar spoon
Caviar Spoon (1,650 yen)
Caviar and oysters
Oyster & Caviar Platter (4,510 yen)

Suzukake     Garden Plaza C  B1

A popular set of crispy and chewy sweets “Doraemon Set”

Suzukake is a Japanese confectionary store from Hakata, Fukuoka. They display the sweets freshly made in the kitchen in the back of the store. The set of “Suzuno Monaka,” which looks just like the bell of the manga character Doraemon, and “Suzuno En-mochi,” which is like Doraemon’s favorite sweet dorayaki, is known as the “Doraemon set.”

The freshly made skin of “Suzuno Monaka” is crispy. The rice-flour crust of the “Suzuno En-mochi” has an addictive sticky texture.

Suzuno En-mochi
Suzuno En-mochi (left), Suzuno Monaka

Azabudai Hills

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Suzuno Monaka


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