Natural cuisine by ex-chef of Chez Panisse in California

The Blind Donkey was opened in 2017. It is Jerome Waag, former executive chef of the renowned California restaurant Chez Panisse, who performs his cooking technique and sense.

He named the restaurant after the anecdote of a 15th-century Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyu. Chez Panisse was opened in 1971 by Alice Waters, a pioneer of Californian cuisine who uses organic and locally grown ingredients.

Waag, who is from the south of France, worked there for over twenty years and was influenced by her culinary philosophy, which is based on a strong sense of “simplicity” emphasizing the full flavor of the ingredients.

The Blind Donkey uses natural and healthy ingredients provided with heart by Japanese producers. Waag creates the dishes intuitively, based on the ingredients delivered daily by the farmers. The restaurant aims to not only offer delicious, natural dishes, but also to connect consumers with producers. The restaurant sometimes organizes special dinners, inviting producers to share the importance of nature and sustainable farming practices with people.

► Reservations are required. (18:00 – 20:00)

► The restaurant accepts reservation of up to one month in


► A deposit of ¥7,150 (with tax) per person should be paid with a valid

credit card. Please note that the cancellation of your reservation within 24

hours of your dinner date will result in a charge of ¥7,150 (with tax) per


► The restaurant might have to cancel your reservation if it cannot confirm your reservation one day before your dinner date, or if it cannot reach you after 30 minutes have passed from your reservation time.


Lunch menu: Three vegetable-based dishes with a bowl of rice and salted vegetables.

Weekend brunch

Dinner menu: Four dishes that change every two weeks, \7,150 (with tax)

At the counter, the restaurant offers appetizers and beverages, including natural wines.


3-17-4 Uchi-Kanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

TEL 050-3184-0529

OPEN  18:00 – 22:30 L.O. (Tuesday, Wednesday),

11:30 to 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30 L.O. (Thursday – Saturday, first and third Sunday)

CLOSED Monday, second and fourth Sunday 



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