Hotel involves culture around Ueno

Nohga Hotel offers some products and artworks in collaboration with the craftspeople, designers, and artists of the Ueno area to give the guests a sense of the local culture.

A restaurant run by the hotel is open from breakfast through dinner. It chooses as many organically grown ingredients as possible, meaning that these ingredients are either pesticide and chemical-free or the use of pesticides and chemicals is reduced as much as possible. For some ingredients, the chef visits the producers and selects them himself. The restaurant and lounge are available to guests who do not spend the night, making it a community-based type of hotel open to the local people.

The hotel also offers a bicycle rental service in collaboration with Tokyobike, which helps guests tour comfortably around Tokyo. Their bicycles are designed so that cyclists can feel the lightness at the first turn of the pedal and can easily climb hills as well.


2-21-10 Higashi-ueno Taito-ku Tokyo

TEL 03-5816-0211

ACCESS JR & Keisei & Tokyo Metro UENO

FACILITY Restaurant, Lounge, Fitness, Laundry Room


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